What Women Say About Male Penis Size?

Contrary to popular belief, size is important in bed. It was discovered that compared to other women, ladies who have a frequent vaginal orgasm have more chances to climax quickly with men who have bigger manhood. Females who prefer classic sexual act told the same as well.

Men anxiety about their penis size perhaps is an accurate appreciation that size does matter to many women.

Yes, it matters

According to a new study, which involves 323 women who told about their sexual life and how essential sexual intercourse and other sexual activities to them. These women were also questioned if penis length affected their ability to climax.

The study defines average penis length is around 6 inches long.

It was found that, of the 323 women:

  • 8% of them love members more than 6 inches;
  • 60% of them said that size doesn’t matter to them;
  • 3% stated that they like penises that are less than 6 inches.

What does that mean? Well, it means that size really matters. For the majority of the women, that is. The researchers also found that ladies who had more climaxes in the recent month were more likely to say that the longer penis was better.

This is for a good reason. After all, a bigger member has the greater ability to stimulate the total length of the vagina as well as the cervix.

Penis enlargement

Now, it is not that surprising why penis enlargement is a very popular, yet sensitive topic.

For men who have longer than average penis, it’s good news. However, on the other hand, men who have shorter than average penis may feel stressed. If you have shorter than average penis, you don’t need to worry. There are proven methods on how you can increase the length of your penis. One of them is penis pumping exercise.

If you do penis enlargement pumping, you will gain a permanent increase. What does that mean? That means that once you have reached your goal, the benefits will stay. It is yours to keep. However, performing light penis pumping on a regular basis will be beneficial in maintaining penis health. Indeed. Even an erection is considered as light pumping. Hence, the more sex you have, the better it will be for you as you are basically using what you have gained. Moreover, frequent sex is provided not only good penile health but also various benefits for your entire body.

If you are planning to undergo penis enlargement process, you should know that achieving your desired size gains or goal is only a part of the process. It is just the first part of the process. The second part of the process is to make the desired result permanent. All you need to do to start your penis enlargement routine is to choose an effective penis pump

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