What Is Female Orgasm Disorder And How To Treat It

Female -Climax-Disorder

Some women have difficulty climaxing or find it challenging to climax with a partner. Sometimes they are able to climax under other circumstances but they find it more difficult or challenging when they are with their partner to reach orgasm or climax. This is a very common complaint that we hear from women and many women struggle with this problem. The ability to orgasm is really dependent on several things, and we do have multiple treatments to help incorporate things that you do that help you orgasm when you are not with the partner so that you can orgasm when you are with the partner.

Now if you are not able to orgasm at all that is a different problem, and that can be treated as well. But we have to look at why you are having difficulty climaxing.

During climax a woman’s pelvic floor contracts and relaxes involuntarily and sometimes that pelvic floor musculature it is a sling of muscles that goes from the hard bone in the front to the tailbone in the back. Sometimes the pelvic floor muscles can actually be tightened up in hypertonus. This high-toned pelvic floor cannot contract and relax because it is locked in a high-toned position. Sometimes the pelvic floor is not functioning at all, and that can cause problems; because to climax a woman has to have involuntary contractions of the pelvic floor where it contracts and relaxes.


So sometimes pelvic floor treatment is necessary. You need to see a pelvic floor physical therapist, and that is something we write prescriptions for.

As I said, sometimes using an ointment or arousal ointments may actually make it easier to climax. Sometimes incorporating things that you do that help you climax with self-stimulation or without the partner involved, we can incorporate those things into love play with your partner, and you will be able to climax that way.


Whenever the issue is we will look at it carefully, we will diagnose it, and we will help you find a solution or treatment for that problem to help you be able to climax either with the partner or without.

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