Stamina Killer. How To Last longer In Bed


Today I will tell you about stamina killer that does not let you last longer in bed.

The thing you most likely do of the stamina destroyers that cost us big time when having sex is what I call “shallow or narrow breathing pattern“. This is a terrible stamina destroyer; the worst thing is that we do not always care about our breathing pattern, maybe this is because of what I call the stress of life.

We are so stressed up due to our daily life activities. And this often results in us breathing so narrowly which can increase pressure on the body, thereby resulting in premature ejaculation during sex.

To avoid this, you must develop a habit to breathe so deeply. Always fill your lungs with enough air by breathing with your stomach. Have you ever seen a baby sleeping? You will notice they often breathe with their stomach going in and out, That is called stomach breathing. Develop this breathing habit, and you will notice your stamina improve so dramatically.


In summary to avoid premature ejaculation:

  • always open your eyes during sex, and you will notice your stamina improve.
  • learn to control your PC muscle by flexing, squeezing and holding it, repeatedly a couple o times daily until you are able to control it so easily.
  • Take premature ejaculation pills, when you feel the is no progress with your program(visit
  • and lastly develop the habit of deep breathing and you will notice your stamina increase almost immediately.

By doing these three things, I can assure you that you will last longer in bed starting right now. With these tips, you can satisfy your woman fully, and she will be begging you for more. The advice that I gave is very easy to do, and every man can repeat these tips. I hope you find this article useful, and my tips will help you stop premature ejaculation and last longer in bed.

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