Natural Breast Enlargement Methods


Many women dream about the big breast. Today there many different ways to increase your breast size. They include natural methods and unnatural. Let’s talk about each of them.

Breast exercises


Many women think that if they do chest exercises their breast will become bigger. Breast exercises improve breast shape.  But exerciseы cannot increase the breast itself. If we dive into the maze of anatomy, we will realize that those muscles that are strengthened during exercise can only lift up the breast. The pectoral muscles are located slightly above the nipple line, where we measure the breast size. That is why we can only change the breast shape with exercises, and we cannot enlarge it.

Breast enlargement gels and creams


Manufacturers of such creams and gels assure that these products plant compounds – phytoestrogens, that mimic the action of sex hormones, in particular, the female hormone estrogen, and thus they increase the breast. In reality, this is not true. Phytoestrogens have a molecular weight significantly greater to penetrate the human skin. Do not believe the advertising, breast enlargement creams and gels for are a myth. Do not waste your money for nothing.

Exercises for the back


Join hands behind your back. Keep your blades together, pull your hands down. If you measure your breast in this position, you will notice that it become bigger. The thing is posture. Good posture – a pledge of a beautiful figure and beautiful breasts.

Breast shape

The female breast is composed of glandular tissue, the capsule that surrounds them, and adipose tissue.


With age, the glandular tissue decreases in the volume due to hormonal changes. Ligaments and capsule sag. Because of this, the female breast is becoming more soft and saggy.

Why is this happening? Mammary glands are needed to nurture children. Therefore, in the productive years woman breast has a certain shape which provided by sex hormones. With age when sexual function fades, the stimulating effect of hormones on breast tissue weakens, and it accordingly leads to a change in shape. In some women, this process comes faster, in other women – slower. Many myths were born because of this. For example, that the breast may sag because of running or jumping. This is not true.

Foods that can increase breast size


In fact, only hormones may affect the shape of the breast. Normal estrogen levels determines whether a woman will have saggy breast over time, will she have a goof breast shape or not.

There are products that affect the level of estrogen, both positively and negatively. These products contain phytoestrogens. Products such as eggplant, soy, sage, rosemary, Linden, and cheese can increase the estrogen levels. Products like cabbage, cod-cover oil can decrease the estrogen levels.

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