What Women Say About Male Penis Size?

Contrary to popular belief, size is important in bed. It was discovered that compared to other women, ladies who have a frequent vaginal orgasm have more chances to climax quickly with men who have bigger manhood. Females who prefer classic sexual act told the same as well.

Men anxiety about their penis size perhaps is an accurate appreciation that size does matter to many women.

Yes, it matters

According to a new study, which involves 323 women who told about their sexual life and how essential sexual intercourse and other sexual activities to them. These women were also questioned if penis length affected their ability to climax.

The study defines average penis length is around 6 inches long.

It was found that, of the 323 women:

  • 8% of them love members more than 6 inches;
  • 60% of them said that size doesn’t matter to them;
  • 3% stated that they like penises that are less than 6 inches.

What does that mean? Well, it means that size really matters. For the majority of the women, that is. The researchers also found that ladies who had more climaxes in the recent month were more likely to say that the longer penis was better.

This is for a good reason. After all, a bigger member has the greater ability to stimulate the total length of the vagina as well as the cervix.

Penis enlargement

Now, it is not that surprising why penis enlargement is a very popular, yet sensitive topic.

For men who have longer than average penis, it’s good news. However, on the other hand, men who have shorter than average penis may feel stressed. If you have shorter than average penis, you don’t need to worry. There are proven methods on how you can increase the length of your penis. One of them is penis pumping exercise.

If you do penis enlargement pumping, you will gain a permanent increase. What does that mean? That means that once you have reached your goal, the benefits will stay. It is yours to keep. However, performing light penis pumping on a regular basis will be beneficial in maintaining penis health. Indeed. Even an erection is considered as light pumping. Hence, the more sex you have, the better it will be for you as you are basically using what you have gained. Moreover, frequent sex is provided not only good penile health but also various benefits for your entire body.

If you are planning to undergo penis enlargement process, you should know that achieving your desired size gains or goal is only a part of the process. It is just the first part of the process. The second part of the process is to make the desired result permanent. All you need to do to start your penis enlargement routine is to choose an effective penis pump

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What Is Female Orgasm Disorder And How To Treat It

Female -Climax-Disorder

Some women have difficulty climaxing or find it challenging to climax with a partner. Sometimes they are able to climax under other circumstances but they find it more difficult or challenging when they are with their partner to reach orgasm or climax. This is a very common complaint that we hear from women and many women struggle with this problem. The ability to orgasm is really dependent on several things, and we do have multiple treatments to help incorporate things that you do that help you orgasm when you are not with the partner so that you can orgasm when you are with the partner.

Now if you are not able to orgasm at all that is a different problem, and that can be treated as well. But we have to look at why you are having difficulty climaxing.

During climax a woman’s pelvic floor contracts and relaxes involuntarily and sometimes that pelvic floor musculature it is a sling of muscles that goes from the hard bone in the front to the tailbone in the back. Sometimes the pelvic floor muscles can actually be tightened up in hypertonus. This high-toned pelvic floor cannot contract and relax because it is locked in a high-toned position. Sometimes the pelvic floor is not functioning at all, and that can cause problems; because to climax a woman has to have involuntary contractions of the pelvic floor where it contracts and relaxes.


So sometimes pelvic floor treatment is necessary. You need to see a pelvic floor physical therapist, and that is something we write prescriptions for.

As I said, sometimes using an ointment or arousal ointments may actually make it easier to climax. Sometimes incorporating things that you do that help you climax with self-stimulation or without the partner involved, we can incorporate those things into love play with your partner, and you will be able to climax that way.


Whenever the issue is we will look at it carefully, we will diagnose it, and we will help you find a solution or treatment for that problem to help you be able to climax either with the partner or without.

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Stamina Killer. How To Last longer In Bed


Today I will tell you about stamina killer that does not let you last longer in bed.

The thing you most likely do of the stamina destroyers that cost us big time when having sex is what I call “shallow or narrow breathing pattern“. This is a terrible stamina destroyer; the worst thing is that we do not always care about our breathing pattern, maybe this is because of what I call the stress of life.

We are so stressed up due to our daily life activities. And this often results in us breathing so narrowly which can increase pressure on the body, thereby resulting in premature ejaculation during sex.

To avoid this, you must develop a habit to breathe so deeply. Always fill your lungs with enough air by breathing with your stomach. Have you ever seen a baby sleeping? You will notice they often breathe with their stomach going in and out, That is called stomach breathing. Develop this breathing habit, and you will notice your stamina improve so dramatically.


In summary to avoid premature ejaculation:

  • always open your eyes during sex, and you will notice your stamina improve.
  • learn to control your PC muscle by flexing, squeezing and holding it, repeatedly a couple o times daily until you are able to control it so easily.
  • Take premature ejaculation pills, when you feel the is no progress with your program(visit http://low-sperm-count.com/blog/premature-ejaculation-pills-available-india/)
  • and lastly develop the habit of deep breathing and you will notice your stamina increase almost immediately.

By doing these three things, I can assure you that you will last longer in bed starting right now. With these tips, you can satisfy your woman fully, and she will be begging you for more. The advice that I gave is very easy to do, and every man can repeat these tips. I hope you find this article useful, and my tips will help you stop premature ejaculation and last longer in bed.

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What Is The Main Cause On Male Erection Problems?

Many men ask what is the main cause of male erection problems? Indeed, when you are having this problem, you are in a serious condition that you have to solve. There are several causes that can trigger this problem. The thing that you have to do is doing your best in lifestyle so that the chance of getting infected with this problem will be reduced. Here are several causes of it.

Smoking Too Much


If you are the smoker, it means that you have to be careful since there is a possibility that you can get erection problem in an instant. There are many people who always smoke too much. As a result, they cannot make the quality of their body becomes good, especially men. When a man always smokes too much, they will tend to get erection problem easily.

Eating Junk Food


Yes, you will find that eating junk food is not a good idea. Eating pizza, hamburger, kebab, and many more is the reason men can get erection problem easily. It is true that this problem can become worse. You will not only get infected with an erection, but also get the problem of heart attack, kidney disorder, and many more.

Lack of Nutrition


One thing for sure, lack of nutrition can become the reason someone easily gets infected with erection problem. Due to that reason, you should to ensure that you do something about it. As long as you are having a problem with erection, you will realize that it gives you nothing but suffer. You will realize that the quality of your body will become bad in an instant.

Lazy to Take Exercise


Lazy to take an exercise is another cause why you will easily get infected with erection problem. Many couple decides to divorce since they cannot obtain happiness in their marriage. You will realize that one of the factors that can give you happiness in marriage is having sex. But, if you don’t have good sex activity with your couple, it will not be able to make you feel satisfy at all. You will often get problems with your mate.

The best answer to your mail sexual problems is Vig Rx Plus pills. This medication is designed to enhance your sex drive and stamina in a few months. This is a doctor approved supplement and you can read more about it on this page

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Natural Breast Enlargement Methods


Many women dream about the big breast. Today there many different ways to increase your breast size. They include natural methods and unnatural. Let’s talk about each of them.

Breast exercises


Many women think that if they do chest exercises their breast will become bigger. Breast exercises improve breast shape.  But exerciseы cannot increase the breast itself. If we dive into the maze of anatomy, we will realize that those muscles that are strengthened during exercise can only lift up the breast. The pectoral muscles are located slightly above the nipple line, where we measure the breast size. That is why we can only change the breast shape with exercises, and we cannot enlarge it.

Breast enlargement gels and creams


Manufacturers of such creams and gels assure that these products plant compounds – phytoestrogens, that mimic the action of sex hormones, in particular, the female hormone estrogen, and thus they increase the breast. In reality, this is not true. Phytoestrogens have a molecular weight significantly greater to penetrate the human skin. Do not believe the advertising, breast enlargement creams and gels for are a myth. Do not waste your money for nothing.

Exercises for the back


Join hands behind your back. Keep your blades together, pull your hands down. If you measure your breast in this position, you will notice that it become bigger. The thing is posture. Good posture – a pledge of a beautiful figure and beautiful breasts.

Breast shape

The female breast is composed of glandular tissue, the capsule that surrounds them, and adipose tissue.


With age, the glandular tissue decreases in the volume due to hormonal changes. Ligaments and capsule sag. Because of this, the female breast is becoming more soft and saggy.

Why is this happening? Mammary glands are needed to nurture children. Therefore, in the productive years woman breast has a certain shape which provided by sex hormones. With age when sexual function fades, the stimulating effect of hormones on breast tissue weakens, and it accordingly leads to a change in shape. In some women, this process comes faster, in other women – slower. Many myths were born because of this. For example, that the breast may sag because of running or jumping. This is not true.

Foods that can increase breast size


In fact, only hormones may affect the shape of the breast. Normal estrogen levels determines whether a woman will have saggy breast over time, will she have a goof breast shape or not.

There are products that affect the level of estrogen, both positively and negatively. These products contain phytoestrogens. Products such as eggplant, soy, sage, rosemary, Linden, and cheese can increase the estrogen levels. Products like cabbage, cod-cover oil can decrease the estrogen levels.

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